Track Time & Attendance

with a simple Time Clock App

Credit card not required.

Track Work Hours

All Hours tracks employee hours so they can focus on more important tasks.

Automate your Timesheets

You have a thousand things to do. Timesheets shouldn’t be one of them.

Optimize Payroll

Use timesheets for truly accurate payroll and keep overtime in check.

Smart Clocking

Zero training

Our mobile app is intuitive and reminds your employees to clock in and out when they are coming to or leaving work. It can be that easy.

Leave management

Employees can send absence requests and manage their upcoming vacations, sick leaves and business trips.

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Your company at a glance

Realtime Employee Presence

The heartbeat of your company at a glance. See who just arrived, which people are working off-site or who is on vacation. More >

Leave Management

Receive employee absence requests for sick leaves, paid absences and vacations. More >

Timesheets by your rules

Powerful rules

Personalize your settings according to your office hours and your company’s attendance policy. All Hours can show you Paid time, lunch breaks, offsite work and even missing time.

One Click Payroll Export

Timesheets in All Hours provide you with a summary of payable hours and overtime for a given period.

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No cheating or buddypunching


Make sure your employees can only clock-in and out when they are actually at work. More >

Audit Log

An extensive audit log is available in the application making sure you always know, who did what and when. It also means All Hours is fully GDPR compliant. More >

Easy to clock in, even from home, great real-time overview of hours tracked and online time off requests are some of the many benefits of All Hours.

– Wolf Theiss (Law firm)

All Hours also enables us to see who’s present in the building and register time outside the office, which decreases our administrative tasks tremendously.

– CEO of GNS Plus